Rubicast offers a set of functionalities for Forecasting – exploring and analyzing large volumes of time series data, generating any number of reliable forecasts. Along with ready to use forecasting algorithms, it also offers components to streamline and automate your forecasting process. RubiCast offers to forecast specific statistical analysis, Data Exploration, and Data Preparation components.


  • Generate optimal forecasts using Rubicast. No need to manually code your models
  • It provides a visual interface for exploring and analyzing large volumes of time series data before Forecasting. Generate statistically based, optimal forecasts with ease
  • Seamless automation also means less manual intervention
  • You can select specific drivers or events that can affect the forecasting process, to reflect the intricacies
  • Advance visual representation to analyze the effects and unexpected events to better plan future activities
  • You can leverage R, Python models / code for any customizations