Rubisight users can achieve faster dashboard turnaround, flexibility for any subject area, consistent user experience, and effective collaboration across the decision process. Rubisight makes the visual Data Discovery easier ; - Faster dashboarding turnaround - Flexibility for tackling any subject area - Consistent user experience - Less intensive user training - Branding and Design control


  • Interactive visual data discovery to identify relationships, trends, outliers quickly.
  • Precise and responsive layout capabilities and design options to stack or group your items
  • A variety of graph objects or charts - Bar, Pie, Donut, Line, Scatter, Bubble
  • Advance visualizations: Box plot., Heat map, Network diagram, Correlation matrix, Forecasting, Decision tree
  • Perform path analysis to visualize relationships between a distinct sequence of events
  • Using Rubicast, generate forecasts on the fly with greater accuracy and defined periodicity
  • The decision tree graphically depicts likely outcomes. (RubiML)
  • Add content from the web and images to your report
  • Single click global filtering and linked selections for linking content
  • Synchronize selection and filters across visualizations or dashboard
  • Report consumers can switch measures and change the chart type and formatting all on the fly
  • Key-value visualization allows you to display essential metrics (numeric or categorical value) in an infographic style for quick reference
  • Geographical map views to understand the geospatial data, including time and distance
  • Connect and import data from a variety of sources: databases, Hadoop, Excel spreadsheets, social media